White Chocolate Mint Leaves


Everyone is constantly seeking out some thing to wow pals with at the following party. When you served White Chocolate Mint Leaves on the cease of your meal they may be higher than any chocolate you could purchase and it’s going to honestly make sure that your night ends on a high.


  • 10 clean mint leaves
  • 50g properly great white chocolate


  1. Pick clean mint leaves. Wash and dry on kitchen roll. Break the chocolate right into a plastic box and placed it withinside the microwave to soften for approximately a minute or two or on room temperature.
  2. Just because it has melted, stir it with a spoon. Line a tray with a few baking parchment. Check the chocolate is not too warm then dip the mint leaves into the chocolate. Ensure each facets are completely covered the tray.
  3. Repeat with the ultimate leaves. Place the tray withinside the freezer as soon as set you could pass the leaves and placed them in a sealed box. Leave withinside the freezer till required.


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