Protect your skin from sunburn and damage

Peanut and Til laddoo


Benifits of Peanut and Til

Vitamin E, magnesium and Zinc are found in peanuts fibre and peanut can make your skin clean and clear. Peanut skin has a higher antioxidant level then other parts of the peanut and that roasted peanut oil can have a higher the Omega 3 fatty acids present in it. Peanut is very beneficial in keeping the skin tries and hydrated.
Til can provide you a glowing maintain the flexibility by keeping it soft and supple and heals the area or mild cut. it promoting the quick recovery of damaged will help skin remain warm and moist. it promotes glowing skin and help in health healing skill.

Ingredients of Peanut and Til laddoo

  • 100 gram til
  • 50 gram peanut
  • 150 gram jaggery

method of making Peanut and Til laddoo

  1. Roast til in heavy bottom Skillet on low flame similarly roast Peanut too. When cool, grind them separately in grinder and mix them.
  2. Make small pieces of good and grind with the til and peanut now take out the mixture from the grinder and form into Laddoo.


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