Plain White Rice


Cooking simple rice may be once in a while very problematic and daunting undertaking specifically for a amateur in Indian cooking. How a good deal water to use, how a good deal time to prepare dinner dinner, what number of whistles if the usage of stress cooker and such a lot of different queries. Rest now beacuse right here is the recipe to make simple rice in Pan, Pressure Cooker and Microwave. Choose whichever manner fits you.


  • 1 cup Rice
  • three cups Water
  • 1 tsp Oil (optionally available)
  • 1 tsp Salt (optionally available)
  • Few Drops of Lemon (optionally available)

How to make simple rice three ways 

  • Soak Rice: Put rice in a extensive bowl and rinse them 4-5 instances with water. Now upload water and maintain them apart for soaking.
  • For each 1 cup of rice we are able to use three half to four cups of water for soaking.
  • Soaking is normally carried out for minimal 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

Boiled Rice In A Pan:

  1. For each 1 cup of water we use 10 – 12 cups of water .Heat 10 – 12 cups of water in a extensive pan whilst it begins offevolved to get boiling, drain the water from the soaked rice and simply placed rice in boiling water.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of oil (optionally) and 1 tsp of everyday salt (optionally). Let the rice boil in it for 10 – 12 minutes on medium flame.
  3. To take a look at for doneness – take out a grain of rice to your finger and try and mash it. If it’s far smooth at once transfer off the flame.
  4. Once the rice is cooked stress it in a colander and allow the water drain out. Let it stand like that five – 10 minutes after which lightly dish out the rice to a serving bowl. Fluff the rice with a fork.
  5. It is crucial now no longer stir the rice over and over as this may destroy the rice grain.
    three. Adding oil is optionally available placed it guarantees that the grains do now no longer stick together.

Rice in a Pressure Cooker:

  1. Cooking rice in a stress cooker calls for a few trial and blunders. As the very last final results relies upon upon the form of rice used – Basmati, Punni, Boiled, Biryani etc. All rice types use distinctive ratio of water. Here we’re giving a usual ratio.
  2. For 1 cup of rice we use 2 half – three cups of water.Soak the rice as defined above.
  3. Then placed three cups of water in a stress cooker and upload rice and salt.Close the lid and allow the cooker blow whistles.
  4. After 1 whistles and simply earlier than the 2nd one transfer off the flame.Do now no longer dispose of the whistle/ weight at once. But allow it come right all the way down to room teparature on its very own earlier than establishing the lid.

Cook Rice in a Microwave Oven

  1. Cooking rice in a microwave oven may be very handy whilst time is short. It is simple too.It is Important to continually use Microwave Proof dishes handiest withinside the microwave.
  2. For 1 cup of rice we want 2 1/4 cup of water. Again trial and blunders is wanted to locate that best quantity of water.
  3. Rinse the rice with water 2 – 3 instances after which soak them for 20 minutes.
  4. Now placed the water, a teaspoon salt(optionally available), 1 tsp oil (optionally available) andrice in a bowl and vicinity it withinside the microwave. Do now no longer cowl the bowl with lid.
  5. Set the Power to seven hundred watts and time 15 minutes.
  6. When the rice receives cooked all of the water gets dried and the dimensions of the rice grain may even increase.
  7. Switch off the microwave and go away the rice bowl untouched withinside the microwave for five mins undisturbed.
  8. Then fluff the rice with a fork and serve it hot. 
  9. You can upload 2 – 3 lemon drops additionally to get whiter rice.
  10. Salt and oil are optionally available. Oil guarantees that the rice grains do now no longer stick together.