Broccoli Potato Puree Fiber-wealthy meal for Babies

Broccoli & potato on your toddler as man or woman purees. 


Broccoli is a extremely good vegetable that carries a excessive quantity of diet C and hundreds of fiber. Fiber-wealthy meals are regarded to therapy constipation in toddlers. Broccoli ought to be added in a toddler’s food regimen on the age of 8-10 months as it can purpose gas & tough to digest for younger infants. The identical applies to the potato as well.


  • Broccoli – 10 florets /1 small
  • Potato – 1 small sized
  • Water – as needed


  1. Wash broccoli and potato in jogging water well. Take the florets from broccoli and preserve it immersed in warm water for five mins to eliminate the worms, if any. In the meantime, peel the pores and skin off from the potato with a peeler. Then chop them into identical length small cubes.
  2. Steam the broccoli florets & potato portions in a steamer for 15-15 mins. You can steam it with Idli steamer plate including a cup of water or stress it with a cup of water for 2-2 whistles. For each steaming and blending you can use Combined Steamer and Blender.
  3. Once the broccoli & potato are steamed, it’ll be gentle and transparent.
  4. Now combo it with little water to a clean paste in a blender.


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