Banana Puree: Healthy weight benefit meals for infants


Start with 1/2 of a spoonful or much less and speak on your infant thru the procedure then Increase the quantity of meals gradually, with only a teaspoonful or to start. This permits your infant time to discover ways to swallow solids.

Bananas are the maximum favourite first meals for infants due to its scrumptious taste, much less allergenic nature and creaminess. They also are wealthy in nutrients, filling tummy for a long term and facilitates in healthful weight benefit in infants.


  • Banana – 1 small sized
  • Breastmilk/Formula Milk/Water – 1 tbsp


  1. Keep all of the elements ready. Peel the banana, trim the ends with a knife.
  2. Then reduce them into small circles and vicinity the banana portions right into a large bowl. Mash the bananas with a fork or masher properly with none chunks.
  3. Add breastmilk/system milk . Mix properly till you get a creamy mash.
  4. You could puree the bananas in a mixie/blender with milk to get a puree.


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