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11 Best Tomato Recipes_Easy Tamatar Recipes

Best Tomato Recipes: Find here the list of top 11 best tomato recipes like Kadhi Tamatar, Tomato Basil Soup, Tomato Curry, Tomato Egg Curry, Tomato Relish and many more with key ingredients and how to do the process.
Rich red, juicy, full of the goodness of nature and often tart; we are talking about a food that is widely accepted as a vegetable but, surprisingly, is a fruit – the tomato. There are so many varieties of tomatoes on the planet that different cultures and countries around the world use it as an important part of their daily diet. We have an amazing collection of tomato recipes with refreshing salads, zesty chutneys, soothing soups and spellbinding curries – there’s no shortage of the number of dishes you can create with them. To taste raw or cooked, tomatoes are hydrating, splendid on the taste buds and extremely beneficial for health.

Tomatoes for health

Daily consumption of tomatoes will provide you with a nourishing dose of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients like magnesium, vitamins B6. , C and A, iron, calcium, fiber and potassium. Every 100 grams of fruit contains almost 20 calories and zero cholesterol and dietary fat. Apart from this, fresh tomatoes are also great sources of antioxidants and lycopene, which slow down the aging process and prevent age-related skin deterioration.
Including tomatoes in your daily diet can also help. maintain healthy cholesterol levels, which helps by lowering triglycerides and supporting heart health. In addition, according to a recent study conducted by the American Institute of Cancer Research, lycopene has the ability to act against cell damage that can lead to cancer. Some of the recent studies have also linked high lycopene intake to reduced risk of prostate cancer
– Go for those with a deep crimson color
– The fruit should not have bruises, wrinkles, cracks or of cracks
– Ripe tomatoes are very sensitive and can lose their firmness with the slightest pressure
– Choose fresh tomatoes rather than canned tomatoes
– Tomatoes are sensitive to the elements. It is ideal to store them at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
– Never mix tomatoes with fruits such as bananas or apples as they emit a certain gas which will speed up the ripening process of the tomatoes.
– Tomatoes should not be cooked in aluminum utensils. can lead to some kind of reaction.

How to Buy and Store Tomatoes

Now that the buying and storing has been taken care of, nothing else should stop you getting those perfectly red tomatoes and having a delicious meal. In case you need some culinary inspiration, we have a list of recipes for you to choose from so you can pick your pick and cook to glory.

Here are some tomato recipes you can make at home.

1. Bomra tomato salad
Chunks of tomatoes mixed with tamarind, jaggery, cilantro, ginger, garlic with peanuts, sesame seeds and dry shrimp for an extra crunch.
Bomra's Tomato Salad
2. Tomato curry
Tomatoes and moong dal come together to make a tangy curry with mixed vegetables and chickpea flour.
Tomato Curry
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3. Tomato and basil soup
The subtle aroma of basil mingles with the acidity of tomatoes – infused together, they would make a comforting soup for your gnawing appetite.
Basil Tomato Soup
4. Andlouse fish
Here’s an easy-to-make fish treat that will make you want more. Fresh tomatoes and herbs combine to create a sensational sauce, poured over perfectly cooked fish.
5. Tomato relish
A delicious tomato-based relish with vinegar, salt, a pinch of brown sugar and pepper. You can use this relish as a pizza topping or pair your nachos with it.
Tomato Relish
6. Tomato egg curry
A sensational and easy to cook egg curry with aromatic spices and a generous dose of blanched tomatoes. Pair it with a bowl of hot rice and a throat!
Tomato Egg Curry
7. Tamatar Kadhi
Give your regular kadhi a tangy touch with tomatoes. Presentation, tamatarkadhi, cooked Sindhi style. An explosion of flavors!
8. Stuffed tomatoes
The tender tomatoes are cored, stuffed with a savory blend of rice, chickpeas and spices, and toasted to glory. Healthy, hearty and so tasty.
Stuffed Tomatoes
9. Chicken in tomato sauce
A captivating preparation of chicken with tomato flavors combined with cream, kasoori methi and melon seed paste.
Chicken in Tomato Gravy
10. Kundapura Koli Saaru
Here is a special preparation straight from Karnataka. The juicy pieces of chicken are cooked in a mixture of tomatoes, spices and coconut paste.
11. Refrigerated tomato gazpacho
The classic Spanish cold soup made with a mixture of many raw vegetables, the most important of which is tomato. This hearty broth is an ideal soothing treat for those evenings when you want to light up your tummy.
Chilled Tomato Gazpacho


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